Tank Farm/Storage Depot with Jetty facility Operation:

The tank farm facility has been developed as a commercial compliment to the statutory function distribution of
the NNPC in regard to the strategic requirement for storage and of petroleum energy factors to consumer
nationwide. The tank farm has an in-built storage capacity of approximately 85 million liters and is fully licensed
by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to store and trade various specifications of clean petroleum
The depot is strategically located to meet the ever expanding need for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly storage of products.
The tank farm facility consists essentially of 7 storage tanks. All tanks are suitable and safely bonded enclosure,
sequestered in a bonded enclosure within the tank farm premises. Within the there are facilities for storage of fire
fighting water and for reception and storage of slops.

The entire facility is served by the facility of two brand new fully equipped fire fighting trucks, fire ring main, foam
fire fighting equipment, portable CO2 and dry powder fire extinguishers suitably located at identified threat points
within the premises such as cargo pump house, the dispensing gantry area, the generator house, the fire pump
house and the administrative block. In order to further safeguard the integrity and specification of the different
products to be stored and traded, the tank farm management has taken into account, the requirement for the
design and construction independent pipeline arrangements, traveling direct from our Jetty to each product of
dedicated, The high capacity fire and explosion proof pumps, deliver cargo to receiving trucks dedicated tank.

The high capacity fire and explosion proof pumps, deliver cargo to receiving trucks at any of thr 5 loading arms which serve the dispensing requirement of the depot. Each cargo pump is the theoretically able to fill a 33,000 litre truck in 15 mins.

Whilst the Integrated Oil and Gas Tank Farm and Storage Depot may indeed be one of a number of similar tank farms which are located in the Ibafon area of lagos, what actually stands this depot out in terms of physical specification and business philosophy lies in the fact that the facility is of bespoke engineering concept wherein appropriate accounts has been taken from the onset, of the critical requirements for modernity in design, while emphazing on the importance of safety and environment consciousness in the conduct of trading operations.

Finally, it is important to point out that Integrated Oil and Gas is a critical component of a vertically integrated trading and logistics chain, involving a strategic integrated of a coastal shipping capacity of its mother company Genesis Worldwide Shipping, together with the storage, trading and transportation potentials of Integrated Oil and Gas Tank Farm, thereby minimizing the logistics cost of product supply to its clients and ensuring qualitative and competitive product deliveries to its valued customers nationwide.

Ground Transport/Logistics Operation

At Integrated Oil and Gas, we have added a brand new fleet of 30 Mack Trucks to our already existing fleet with the aim of delevering products on time and at a more affordable inland freight cost. All our trucks and drivers are insured, licensed, and bonded, which adds additional protection and peace of mind to the end-buyer.

We have also developed an Ultra-modern Truck Park which is geared towards reducing the turn-around time for truck delivering of products to customers, as well as “streaming” our own outlet facilities.

Coastal Sea Transport/Logistics Operation:

This vertically integrated energy trading and logistics strategy is aimed at reducing much of the cost that lies between transport, storage and delivery. In order to match and indeed out do competition, Integrated Oil and Gas has added a 40,000MT cargo capacity ocean-going vessel (MT.Providence) to its already existing 4 tanker

At Integrated, we believe that a heathy business is invariably built on a solid and diverse asset base and in acknowledgement of this fact we have, through our sister company Genesis Worldwide Shipping, conceived and pursued an organic growth strategy which has led to substantial shipping asset base and shore storage.

Gas/Petrol Station Outlets

At Integrated, we have and are continuing to acquire and develop new petrol service station outlets across the country. Our stations are friendly, clean and safe.


At GWS, we possess the necessary core skills and resources essential for the efficient operation and
management of various sea going vessels.
On our fleet are wet cargo vessels in top shape that meet up with international requirement.

Our good connections with the international shipping companies guarantees that our clients’ charter requirements are quickly and easily met.


Our very experienced agency staff can handle a wide variety of vessels ranging from tanker vessels, tramps to liners. As chandlers, we handle vessels/crew needs, ship repairs and maintenance. In order to keep in touch with vessels on a 24-hour basis, we have adequate communication equipment, which gives us access to any part of the world at all times. We can also arrange daily or hourly reports on vessel’s progress while in the port.


At GWS, a combination of highly skilled management and staff, and the potentials of information and communication technology have been put together to provide superior, cost effective and competitive services in the areas of maritime/shipping management consultancy to our clients. This has gone a long way to put us ahead of our competitors. Hence, our outstanding performance that has always led to the best awards at the Annual Maritime Merit Awards.