At Integrated Oil and Gas, we employ some of the best minds in the industry. Our workforce is made up of experienced hands that have proven themselves in various areas of the industry. We will continue to train and retrain our people to ensure that they are equipped with the best skills to offer our customers unparalleled service.

Our goal is to do away with much of the cost that lies in the interface between transport and storage, and between storage and delivery. In order to match and indeed out do competition. Integrated Oil and Gas has mapped out a number of strategies aimed at reducing turn around time for trucks.

Our proximity to the expressway for instance puts us at an advantage. We have also acquired state -of –the-art equipment as well as 5 ocean going tankers to enhance our processes. With an installed tank farm capacity of 85 million litres, we are able to load trucks faster without spillage, under loading or overloading.